President Bonner holding up J sign with a group of students.

University Administration

President's Council

Owen Bailey

Mr. Owen Bailey, CEO of USA Health and Senior Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs

Jim Berscheidt

Mr. Jim Berscheidt, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Dr. Joél Lewis Billingsley

Dr. Joél Lewis Billingsley, Vice President, Diversity and Community Engagement


Lynne Chronister

Ms. Lynne Chronister, Vice President, Research and Economic Development

Kristin Daniels Dukes

Ms. Kristin Daniels Dukes, General Counsel

Dr. Joel Erdmann

Dr. Joel Erdmann, Athletics Director


Dr. Charles L. Guest, Jr.

Dr. Charles L. Guest, Jr.
Executive Vice Provost

Buck Kelley

Mr. Buck Kelley, Chief Facilities Management Officer

Dr. Andrea Kent

Dr. Andi Kent, Executive Vice President and Provost


Nick Lawkis

Mr. Nick Lawkis, Vice President for Governmental Relations

Dr. John Marymont

Dr. John Marymont, Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the Frederick P. Whiddon College of Medicine

Dr. Michael Mitchell

Dr. Michael Mitchell, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students


Kristen Roberts

Ms. Kristen Roberts, Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Administration

Margaret Sullivan

Ms. Margaret Sullivan, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

Peter Susman

Mr. Peter Susman, Chief Administrative Officer, Finance and Administration